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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My dad, the superhero

This is the face of a Dude about to kick the crap out of cancer:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On a lighter note...

Big Cub Scout camping trip this weekend. Four days!! To our favorite, Fort Wilderness in Disney. We are very excited! And Ray has surprised us all with something that will make it a little more, um, comfortable, you could say...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ugh...just ugh...

RJ's home sick today with strep. He peed all over me in the middle of the night due to the nightmare he was having because of such a high fever.

My dad finds out the results of his catscan tomorrow morning with his new doctor, the oncologist.

And my father in law has spent the last week being poked, prodded and put under while running through a bunch of tests to find out what his problem is.

My mother in law's beloved 13 year old bichon, Jax, had to be put down two weeks ago.

Also, my sister in law started dialysis a few weeks back.

Did this post make you sad? Sick to your stomach a little? Yeah, that's why I haven't posted in awhile. My mother always told me if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. I got nothin'.

 But if you could pray for my family, that would be great. We could all use a few...

I'm trying to stay positive. It's so hard. For me, at least. I mean, I know my dad has a fight ahead of him that I strongly believe he'll win, but why does everything seem to happen all at once? Geez. I am going to get off this computer now and start counting my blessings, because that seems to help when you're in a funk.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And just like that...'s 2012. What? That just sounds weird, doesn't it? 2012?

Another holiday flown by, and the worst part is I didn't even get to watch some of my favorite movies. Maybe since it's 42 degrees today, I'll do that. It's just not the same though...

The boys had a fantastic Christmas, as usual. Every year we say, "we're scaling back", and every year we DON'T. Well, we did. The grandparents and aunts and uncles DIDN'T. They got a tv, money, custom and non-custom football & hockey jerseys, Nerf stuff, an amazing pirateship toy and Wii games-and that's just from the grandparents, aunts and uncles! Santa brought some great stuff and of course, Mom & Dad supplied the go-cart!

I'll try and post some pics later on today. I spent almost 6 hours taking down and organizing Christmas decorations yesterday and I'm so sore from going up and down into the attic (or it could've been the first spin class in two weeks I went to as well) that I'm not sure what my capabilities are today. Molly just stared me down for her morning walk and I think she could pretty much tell what I was thinking just by the look I gave her.

Lots of stuff happening in the next few weeks...some good, some not. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Can you guess what Daddy got two very lucky little boys????

Just for you, Dad

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mrs. Claus

How cute is my grandma??

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I smell it, Mom...

Last night I was making goodie bags for the boys' classes and yes, I may have snitched a Kiss or two while doing it. So as I was tucking RJ into bed last night he shook his head at me and made a very judgemental face. I said, "what's the matter?"...and he said, "I smell it, Mom. I smell the chocolate. Why do you think that's ok?" Geez, like I freed a prisoner or something...

Christmas is in full swing around here! Santa is busy running around trying to make all the little people happy. But the little people keep changing their Christmas lists and adding things to them. That makes Santa confused, frustrated and pissed off. Just kidding. Santa doesn't get pissed off.

I'd like to know what I was drinking the day I volunteered to be homeroom moms for both classes. It's especially tricky around Christmas to juggle teacher gift $$, party $$, party details, crafting ideas, and cranky parents. Thankfully most parents are wonderful. Only a small handful need a kick in the butt.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorating our big 'ole tree...we're still not done!

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River Hills Golf Cart Parade

This was our 3rd year bringing Santa and "his elves" down the parkway in the Tranquility truck. It was by far the most fun. I wish I got better pictures of the truck decorated or that you could have seen it at night, it really looked great! The kids had a blast and so did Santa! The kids threw out over 7,000 beads, glow necklaces and lollipops to spectators!

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Ray Turns 40!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oye ve

Day 2 of Jackson home with a random virus. And I'll just say the expulsions aren't coming from his mouth, so there's been a lot of time spent in the bathroom if you know what I mean. And so he's not nauseous (sp?), he just spends a lot of time running to the bathroom. So because he's not nauseous, he's basically fine. So we've spent the better of two days catching up on schoolwork, playing wii and resting on the couch. Let's just say after a week of having them home, and then two more days of having Jackson home sick, I'm ready for EVERYONE to healthy and  back in school. Sorry if this post is TMI at times;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Santa,

i would like a helicopter that flies but only when i make it fly. what'dya call that again? oh yeah...remote control. i also need a new dsi xl to replace the one that was stolen from our car...and that was mom's fault not ours, don't forget. and i want madden 12. that's a wii game. and some legos, but mom says i don't need any more cuz they're taking over the house but i want'em anyway. and a gators helmet and jersey. and a bucs jersey and an eagles jersey, cuz i like all those teams. but mom says no "vick" on the back of the eagles jersey cuz even though he's a great player, he's not appropriate to have on the back of the jersey for reasons she won't tell me til i'm older. and how 'bout, um, just ya know...boy stuff. a guitar too. acoustic. that's all.
love, rj might have it as "raymond jude"

hi santa,
i would please like to have the following:
~dsi xl cuz ours was stolen and it was mom's fault.
~diary of a wimpy kid (the second book)
~a bucs helmet and jersey. the one from walmart.
~madden 12 for the wii
~a bed that's not a bunk...a bigger one like ryan's
~a go-cart
~a treehouse but dad's already getting that so don't put it on your sleigh cuz it takes up a lot of room so nevermind.
can't think of anything else now but you know me...i'm easy
jackson hans burke
p.s. why don't you just come through the front's less messy.

 They were so excited while we stood in line. They got pretty nervous once they got on his lap...
 but then they relaxed a little...
 ...and couldn't stop talking to him;)

A few from Thanksgiving

 Me, Mom & the bird
 Dessert can take a wild guess who the first one at the table was;)
 Yep. That's my mom giving Jackson a whip-it
 Just pure cuteness...that's all there is to it

Jackson & His BFFs

Clifford, Jackson & Nikolas

 Jackson & Clifford
Clifford lives on our street and he and Jackson have really become close this year. They spend a lot of time together outside of school and Clifford basically lives here on the weekends.
 Jackson & Nikolas (Niko for short)
Jackson and Niko have a history. They met back in Brandon Montessori when they were 3 years old and they've been attached at the hip ever since. They weren't together for Kindergarten or 1st grade so when they found out they were in the same 2nd grade class, they went crazy! Niko's little brother Chris just happens to be RJ's best bud, and they're also in the same class...and that equals lots of TROUBLE as you can imagine!

Friday, November 25, 2011

He's baaaaaack

Skippy the Elf...Season 4

Uh oh

Ray just checked the bank acct and realized what I spent today! Just kidding...I don't shop Black Friday.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

After dinner entertainment

Jack is playing some Christmas songs for us. March of the Sugar Plum sounds great!


Happy Thanksgiving from RJ!

Gobble Gobble!

Peanuts Thanksgiving Banner

Eat without guilt
Drink without shame
Laugh so all your teeth show (even if you're missing one)
Take pictures like you're the paparazzi
Be thankful for the blessings in front of you, around you, and the ones yet to come

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


And Ray has decided we are listening to the Beastie Boys for the two hour drive. Help.

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Emotional meltdown

We've been trying to leave for an hour. RJ is having an epic meltdown due to the fact that we are leaving Molly for two days. In her element with my in-laws whom she knows and loves. Two days. Not in a kennel. With people she adores. All of us (Ray, me and Jack) are afraid to do anything. RJ is so in charge of this family.

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Wednesday before Turkey

Wow. I was really mad at the post office the other day, huh? Must learn to not sweat small stuff. Yeah, everyone says that, but during the heat of the moment, it's not really small, right? Or we wouldn't sweat it. Anywho...

Today I am thankful for many things. I thought I'd take a moment and jot them down so the next time I'm contemplating beating the crap out of the post office lady I can reflect on why I shouldn't risk going to jail and think thankful thoughts instead.
So here we go...I'm thankful for:

my lovely little family
my health
my family's health and old
second chances
my parents and ray's parents
my sister
my nieces and nephews
my home
optimism and the ones who teach it to me
marguerite and her spirit
the beach and the chance to be there so often
the chance to re-live my youth through my kids
exciting possibilities
bikes and running sneakers
good food and someone to share it with
a husband who "gets" me, even when it's a struggle, and lately it has been;)
realizing what matters

I'll leave it at that for now. We are getting ready to head to my parents today. Busiest travel day of the year. I must get my game face on!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I hate the post office and the beotch that works there too. I'm on board with the US postal service closing it's doors. Who needs 'em? #flatratemyass #goingtotheupsstore
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few from our visit to the Rivas!

Isabella checking out an artist in the park
 The day is not complete without a football game...
 or without RJ crying...
or making an awesome catch...
 my handsome man who decided he wants a treehouse
 and a random bear dressed as a pilgrim (note: football never leaving RJ's hands...not for one second)
 so much money spent on these teeth that are turning blue:)
We had so much fun!

Just another day at the Rivas

Thanksgiving Dinner in the front yard

 And Bambi out back...

More pics from the Riva weekend

Riva/Burke Frontyard Football
 Jackson forgetting he was on Dave's team
 Dave explaining not to steal his pass this time
 She couldn't resist...she is, afterall, a girl. Girls do cartwheels.