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Currently Kindle-ing: The Help
I'm still enjoying this book but all I can say right now is that it's SO FREAKIN' GOOD!

Just Finished:
Water for Elephants

Boy goes to vet school and is almost done. Boy's parents die in accident. Boy doesn't graduate vet school due to grief over his parents. Boy runs away and joins the circus. Boy deals with the nutjobs that go along with joining the circus. Boy falls in love with gorgeous elephant rider. Boy and elephant rider live happily ever after, although not until enduring some crazy hurtles along the way.
Good read, slow going but worth it in the end. Very endearing.


Told from the perspective of 5 year old "Jack", ROOM is a very heartwrenching tale of a little boy and his mother who are trapped in "ROOM". Jack's mother was abducted by "Old Nick" at 19 years old and was made to live in an old shack behind Nick's house, isolated from the rest of the world. While he manages to impregnante her and keep her hidden from everyone including his own family, he  keeps her alive by bringing her the basic and bare necessities of life for her and her son. One day she realizes she's had enough and plans the Great Escape, relying solely on Jack to carry the plan through. This book is hard to read at times because of the graphic content. It was very good, a short read that took me maybe two days to get through. I couldn't put it down. ROOM will stay with me for a long time.