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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I smell it, Mom...

Last night I was making goodie bags for the boys' classes and yes, I may have snitched a Kiss or two while doing it. So as I was tucking RJ into bed last night he shook his head at me and made a very judgemental face. I said, "what's the matter?"...and he said, "I smell it, Mom. I smell the chocolate. Why do you think that's ok?" Geez, like I freed a prisoner or something...

Christmas is in full swing around here! Santa is busy running around trying to make all the little people happy. But the little people keep changing their Christmas lists and adding things to them. That makes Santa confused, frustrated and pissed off. Just kidding. Santa doesn't get pissed off.

I'd like to know what I was drinking the day I volunteered to be homeroom moms for both classes. It's especially tricky around Christmas to juggle teacher gift $$, party $$, party details, crafting ideas, and cranky parents. Thankfully most parents are wonderful. Only a small handful need a kick in the butt.

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