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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Santa,

i would like a helicopter that flies but only when i make it fly. what'dya call that again? oh yeah...remote control. i also need a new dsi xl to replace the one that was stolen from our car...and that was mom's fault not ours, don't forget. and i want madden 12. that's a wii game. and some legos, but mom says i don't need any more cuz they're taking over the house but i want'em anyway. and a gators helmet and jersey. and a bucs jersey and an eagles jersey, cuz i like all those teams. but mom says no "vick" on the back of the eagles jersey cuz even though he's a great player, he's not appropriate to have on the back of the jersey for reasons she won't tell me til i'm older. and how 'bout, um, just ya know...boy stuff. a guitar too. acoustic. that's all.
love, rj might have it as "raymond jude"

hi santa,
i would please like to have the following:
~dsi xl cuz ours was stolen and it was mom's fault.
~diary of a wimpy kid (the second book)
~a bucs helmet and jersey. the one from walmart.
~madden 12 for the wii
~a bed that's not a bunk...a bigger one like ryan's
~a go-cart
~a treehouse but dad's already getting that so don't put it on your sleigh cuz it takes up a lot of room so nevermind.
can't think of anything else now but you know me...i'm easy
jackson hans burke
p.s. why don't you just come through the front's less messy.

 They were so excited while we stood in line. They got pretty nervous once they got on his lap...
 but then they relaxed a little...
 ...and couldn't stop talking to him;)

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