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Our Little Family

This is us. We are a happy bunch, right? Yep, especially for pictures:) My hubba-hubba is Ray. He's hardworking, sweet, and amazingly wonderful. He doesn't miss a beat. Whatever we need, he delivers-with a smile. We'd be in trouble without him. He keeps me straight, talks me off the ledge way more than he should have to, and is the best father two little boys could ask for.
The furry one is Molly. She's the closest thing to a girl I'll probably ever get. I can't dress her up and take her to a Princess dinner, but that's ok. I do that to the boys:)

This is RJ. He's the most delicious five year old ever. He's takes crap from no one. He's also the best snuggler in the world. He's borderline obsessed with sports. He loves his big brother and his dog. He's loves to sleep late and eat, so he'll make a great teenager.

Jackson. Our gorgeous first born. He's fun to be around. He's adventurous. He's really smart and kind. He's loves his little brother and takes care of him. He's a great swimmer.  He plays sports and the piano. Every week he asks to quit piano. I say no way.

And this is me. I'm the crazy one in the family. And they know it and accept and love me for it.  Being a mom and a wife is hard work, but they make it easy. I love them fiercely.