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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderful Things

Since I was crabby yesterday and posted some annoying things, I thought I'd balance it out today by posting about some wonderful things...

-Jackson made his AR (accelerated reading) goal almost three weeks earlier than he had to. He was so proud of himself he almost cried.

-My sister in law is out of the hospital and home resting. She is very weak and they are giving her antibiotics for her kidney, but home is better than hospital!

-We are going camping tomorrow and I'm excited. The weather should be beautiful.

-The boys have no school Friday. I love long weekends with them.

-RJ read an entire book last night by himself. And it wasn't a Kindergarten level book, it was probably something that Jackson would've been reading. The look on his face was priceless.

-Our Wii remotes aren't working. Yes, this is wonderful.

-Molly and I saved a kitten last night. We heard meowing from the street on our walk. We (she) were worried because it wasn't a good meow. It was a scared meow. We realized after going closer where it was coming from. It was stuck in the engine of someone's car. I went to the door and told the owner and he came out and retrieved the kitten out of the engine, stating "wow, thanks. I was just on my way to pick up Chinese. That wouldn't have been good for the kitten." Ew. But yay! Kitty saved. Anyone looking for an adorable little kitten???

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