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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Annoying things

-The disaster of a Bronco from 1986 my neighbor decided to buy, park in his driveway with a piece of cardboard underneath to catch the oil drippings on, and start and rev twice a day to see if we are all paying attention. It hasn't left the driveway since he got it here. ANNOYING. And blocking my view of who's coming down the street. Oh yeah, and RJ took a header into it riding his scooter the other day (that last part was RJ's fault, not the Bronco's.)

-The weather man insisting today was going to be a washout and putting me in a bad mood before I even stepped out of bed. Then, when it didn't rain, I got even more angry because I had my mind set for a rainy day.

-Once again, people not scooping their poop.

-The trash men not coming until noon. Why did I run out this morning in my underwear because I kept hearing the truck and I was afraid I'd miss them? OK, not my underwear, but I wasn't wearing a bra. And at 37 years old, that just ain't hot no more.

-Someone beeped at me in carline because I didn't nudge up quick enough. Really?

-Almost everything I had a coupon for at Publix was out of stock.

That's all for now. But please note...this is all in ONE DAY.

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