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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Probably not his best angle...

...but I'd like you to meet Jax. Jax is my mother in law's 12 year old Bichon. Jax is diabetic and has to have two shots of insulin every day to live. He's had a plethora of other issues and would probably be considered-by non dog-lovers-a lemon, or a money-pit. Jax is a drama queen, and his piercing bark could wake the dead. He's very demanding and likes to be coddled like a newborn. He's relentless until he gets his way, much like a toddler. Judy, my mother-in-law, loves this dog more than the air she breathes. He has been her constant source of companionship through many life changes, including out of state moves, my father-in-law's heart surgery, the death of her oldest daughter, the diagnoses and cancer of her other daughter, family turmoil, and so much more. A lot of people question why Judy keeps hanging onto Jax after all his problems and all the money it costs to keep him alive, including her own family members, and yes, sometimes me.

My in-laws are away right now. When they're away, I get to be in charge of Jax. I always joke around that Jax is a different dog when she's not around, and it's true. This time though, Jax has shown me a lot of love. He gives back what you give him. He may be a royal pain in the ass, but now I see why he's worth it. He loves to take rides with me in the car. Sometimes I put him in the basket of my bike and drive him around the neighborhood and he sits in peace while the wind whips through his floppy hair. He scratches on the refridgerator when it's time to eat and follows me around when he wants to be picked up and squeezed. He sits on my desk when I'm working. Yes, ON my desk. If he gets up to move, I can't see the computer so I holler at him to sit back down and he does. He just wants to be where I am, so if that's his biggest request, I can handle it. I even took him in the pool yesterday. He let me hold him while I floated around and he loved it.

The photo is of Jax laying on the floor, so completely content that he "just let it all hang out." That makes me happy, because it makes me feel like I'm taking care of him the way Judy does (minus letting him lay on the table like she does-sorry-not doing it.) So for all the times I've cursed at Jax in the last 12 years, I apologize. Because after these last few weeks, I finally get it.

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