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Sunday, January 23, 2011


The boys had two soccer games each yesterday, which was planned by the soccer league. No one really understood it but whatever. One was at 11am and one was at 6pm. So we had a big break in between, but it was still annoying. Not for the kids though. They both won both games, and they both scored a goal during the second. For Jackson, that was huge. He is really coming along with soccer. RJ was his usual "Beckham-like" self. They're both doing spring soccer so we'll get a three week break after their last game, then right back to it in March.
RJ quit school. Three years in a row at Montessori was proving to be a bit much, for him and me. We were both over it. He's semi-retired and looking forward to going to "big school" in August. He had a big problem with the fact that while he was trying to read and do multiplication, someone was on the floor peeing their pants and screaming next to him. Can you blame him? He said, "Mom, I don't want to go to baby school anymore. Can I quit until Kindergarten?" Yes, RJ. Yes, you can. I looked into a few different schools for him to hold him over until May when Jackson gets out, but personally, I want him home with me. We never really had that since I worked when he was little, so we're both enjoying it now:)

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