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Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 things you may not know about Molly

1. I think I wanted her because I knew she was the closest I would get to having a baby girl.
2. She has no bounderies. By now, you'd think she would, but she doesn't. She thinks nothing of bolting out the door and jumping on people, no matter how much we tell her not to or punish her.
3. Her favorite food is pizza crust, and she doesn't beg for food at the table. She lays quietly underneath the dinner table and when she starts seeing movement at the end of dinnertime, she makes her attempt to get some scraps, which she gets only in her bowl.
4. She firmly believes that she is capable of catching squirrels and geckos, although she's never done it once. She has, however, ripped my arm out of socket many times trying.
5. She loves car rides, long walks on the sidewalk and sleeps on the bottom bunk in the boys' room every night.

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