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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


While going about my business today I overheard Jack and RJ having a pretty heated discussion. I missed most of it but here's what the ending sounded like:
RJ: What are you writing down now?
Jackson: I'm making a guest list for my birthday party.
RJ: Can we invite Charlie and Tevin?
Jackson: No, we're not inviting anyone from your baby school. (yes, that's the same school he went to just last year)
RJ: Well, are you inviting me?
Jackson: Duh, yes.
RJ: Then write my name down.
Jackson: I'm not writing your name down. You're not that invited.
I lost my phone on Sunday while I was horseback riding. I haven't missed it until about today. I need to make several appointments and we have no home phone. Ray is very busy with work so he (and his fancy new i-phone) is never here when I need to make calls. So now it's just getting annoying.
Both boys start soccer this weekend. They are very excited. We've got tickets to the Strawberry Festival that need to be used by Sunday as well so it's looking like a busy weekend again. And after this weekend, there are only 4 more weeks til Spring Break. After Spring Break, there are only about 5 weeks of school left. Summer can't come soon enough!


Shannon said...

Isabella's dance class is performing at the Strawberry Festival at noon on Saturday in the entertainment tent. It's a short number, but cute. If you find yourselves over there on Saturday, stop by and see her dance.

Michelle Boley said...

Hilarious! I love eavesdropping on the girls too....the things they say are hysterical!