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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another week over!

C R A Z Y.
That word pretty much sums up the happenings around this place in the last few weeks. I am trying so hard to blog more but every time I walk to the computer I hear something that needs my attention, like a screetch or a punch being thrown, or something being chewed on by a cute monster-of-a-lab, or the laundry chanting my name. But I'm here now and I'll try to fill in.
The boys started soccer last weekend and are so far really enjoying it. RJ actually scored a goal during the game and according to the other moms (I wasn't there when the goal was scored because I was across the field watching Jack's game) he would have had lots more had it not been for a little boy who was too eager to score for himself and kept taking the ball from RJ instead of trying to help him score. But honestly, they're 4 year olds and who cares? RJ comes by this game naturally, and has some "mad skill", as the kids at school say. They're having fun and getting out a lot of energy. Jackson is loving his soccer team as well. He knows some of his teammates from school and is learning the game. He's a little more timid than RJ (surprised?) and isn't quite sure yet if he's ready to go after the ball so aggressively, but when he does go after it he makes things happen so hopefully he'll loosen up soon. Again, he's having fun and that's all that matters.
Ray is busy busy busy, and that's a good thing. The weather has been great so everyone is coming out of the woodwork to repair winter's damages. We're seeing him a little less these days, but it's the tradeoff for seeing him so much in the cold months. We have a really fun weekend planned so we're looking forward to that. With that being said, I have to get movin' game #1 in a few hours!

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