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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tomorrow is February. Our month flew by, as did our weekend. I went for a long run this morning and did a little over 9 according to the gadget. Never, in all the years I've been running has it been so easy to rack up miles. It's true, cycling makes you a better runner. However, my pace is both horrendous and pitiful and we'll just leave it at that. There are worse things in life though and I refuse to dwell on the negative.
Ray also went for a run this morning. I won't disclose his mileage but I see a Forrest Gump in the future. There was no doubt in my mind it would come easy for him, let's just leave it at that. Don't you hate those kind of people??? (Love ya babe;)
The boys had a productive weekend of playing outside, shooting each other and getting in trouble. They are forbidden from saying two words: "hate" and "stupid". They insist on breaking the rules several times a day so they spend a lot of time in their rooms thinking about their choice in words. We even have alternative words but yet they choose to push buttons...
We've been playing a lot of air hockey. RJ rules at air hockey. He beat me three times in a row today. He says it's because he got a new haircut. Earlier today I told him he was having a babysitter next Friday night. Later this afternoon he told the neighbor he was having a "baby sister" next Friday night.
Oh yeah...the neighbor I thought was pregnant is indeed with child. This was confirmed by another neighbor who was brave enough to mention it without really knowing for sure. Better her than me...
Jackson has been studying the weather at school. Every day he came home this week, he had to mark a chart about what the weather was. Last night at dinner I asked him to name the three types of clouds and he said, "Cumulus, Stratus, and Serious. And those are the ones that mean business." By "Serious", he meant "Cirrus."

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Thirty Something Mommy said...

Tell Ray to sign up for the Chicago Marathon. Registration starts today. For that matter, both of you should register. ROAD TRIP!