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Friday, January 22, 2010

Three more wake-ups!

Ray comes home in three days. This week was busy. On top of the busy-ness, I got pretty sick. My mom has set me straight with some good drugs that brought me back to life, if only temporarily. I know the germs are still in there though, lurking, waiting to rear their ugly heads tonite while I attempt to sleep in my empty bed. Am I the only one who finds it hard to sleep without their partner in bed? It's like I feel guilty if my foot wanders over the other side...

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and I'm hoping I'm well enough to enjoy it with the kids. Jackson has a birthday party at Chuck E Germs tomorrow. I will be there armed with my sanitizer. And I have officially lost my mind and registered for the Gasparilla Half Marathon so hopefully I'll get in a run as well. I only have my parents for another day. They're leaving Sunday. I would like to hold them hostage, but I actually feel bad for them that they've been out of their own home for a month now and am actually ok with releasing them. My dad continues to get better and it's time for them to head out. We are going to miss them, and I'm sure the dogs will be sad too:(

Speaking of dogs, there's a girl on my street who I'm not really friends with but have gotten to know because of the "dog thing". She has a retriever and we always seem to be out at the same time letting them do their biz and so every now and then we talk. Her belly is growing at a rapid rate, but nothing else on her is. So she's obviously pounding one too many beers or preg. There's no way I'm saying anything though. I don't need that foot in my mouth.

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