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Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, DEAD FISH!

That's right, I killed another fish!
For Jackson's 3rd birthday, he wanted a fish. So on the day he turned 3, we marched into Petsmart and bought a beta fish. $20 for the whole she-bang. Fish included. He named the little red fish Maxwell, and fed him his pellets and stared at him in awe through the bowl. Ideal situation, low maintenence pet and Jackson was happy. Sadly, about two weeks ago, Maxwell took a ride on the porcelain express. I discovered his lifeless little flippers about 10 minutes before having to be at school and panicked! G's went out and got another one in the bowl before we got home and the boys didn't notice a thing, thank goodness. He lived a good little life of almost 2 years, and for that I'm grateful (btw, life expectancy for beta fish is 5-9 years).
Like I said, this was about two weeks ago. Tonight, as I was dropping "Maxwell No.2's" pellets in the bowl, I noticed him at the bottom of the bowl-DEAD. What gives? Why am I killing fish? OH! And did I mention that about 6 months ago my friend Robin went to Chicago and left me in charge of her fish and I killed that one too.
I guess my question is, do I get another one and keep up the charade, or do I confess to the boys that their mother is unfit for a fish?


Marguerite said...

Is it possible the boys are also feeding the fish? If all 3 died in your house, it is very possible they are giving him something he shouldn't have! Or it's the chlorine in the water!

Tough call though! We've been through it too! With hamsters! I don't remember if we replaced the fish when they died! But Jim named his hamster Blackfish! We replaced him once, the next time it was over!

Maxwell is in heaven now, Aunt Dorothy is taking care of him! He is keeping her company!

Danielle said...

Good point...Jackson understands his aunt Dorothy is in Heaven with Jesus, so that's a great idea. I think I'm going with that one. RJ told me yesterday he's asking Santa for a puppy. Jackson said "we can't have a puppy, we have a fish!"

Thirty Something Mommy said...

Michelle had the same thing happen with her fish and it was quite a while before the girls even noticed. When Emme finally noticed she fessed up that he had died and Emme said, "Oh" and kept right on playing, didn't miss a beat! Brooklyn was sad for about 5 seconds and then when Michelle said they'd get another one she was happy as could be. I say tell them. It's the circle of life.

Neesmom said...

I agree - tell them what Marg said. And next time, get a REAL pet!!!