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Sunday, October 9, 2011

5am is the best time of the day

The house is quiet. No one is up yet. No one is bugging me for the remote or a trip to Dunkin' Donuts. Just me, my coffee, and my blog. Well, normally I'd be in the living room watching DVR but two little people decided they were camping out on the air mattress in the living room last night. Why do kids always want to sleep anywhere but their beds? If I asked them to sleep slumped up against the toilet instead of their beds, they'd choose the toilet. Weirdos. I spend my whole day looking forward to sliding into my bed at night and they look forward to the weekends when it's fair game as to where they sleep.

Speaking of camping, we had a great time and we are excited to do it again. Fortunately the Cub Scouts have trips planned just about every month during the school year. Two big trips even-to Fort Wilderness and Cape Canaveral-are on the schedule. We are skipping the Cub Scout trip this month and going on our own to Fort Wilderness. The boys have a long weekend coming up and it's always fun to be there during the Halloween season. I never thought I'd be a camper, but there's something about that damn fresh long as it's not hot:) If it's hot, I'm out.

On the last campout there was a fishing contest and Jackson won a prize for most fish caught in his den. Of course I don't have a picture (I think Ray has one on his phone) because I was too busy baiting his hook-YES, ME-BAITING A HOOK-and I couldn't touch my camera with worm and fish guts on my hands.

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