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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back in the Reek

We are taking a short break from the beach this week. Ray's sister and her husband are over there enjoying the paradise while we are home taking care of some biz and giving Molly some good TLC, a vet visit and a much needed trip to the groomer. RJ, with the promise of an ice cream cone from Topper's, came to the vet with me. He loved watching Molly get her shots, and winced when they drew blood. We also got her micro-chipped, and RJ asked me why kids don't get micro-chipped. Valid question. Molly weighed in at 63 lbs. RJ weighed in at 52lbs, respectively:)
So the boys have been catching up with friends, visiting with Mamas and Pop, and re-discovering some old toys that they never really played with before. Yep, as soon as I started getting things ready for Goodwill or consignment, they decide they like them again. I guess I'll have to wait until school starts to get rid of their stuff.
My sister and the kids are coming at the end of July for a visit! I am so excited! And since she's coming here, our road trip to Jersey in August has kinda been cancelled, which is actually not heartbreaking to me. I didn't really want to go to Jersey anyway, but there are certain peeps I miss and would love to see. I wanted to show the boys where I grew up, where Ray grew up, etc. But we'll do that another time. Jersey will always be there.

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