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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump Day and Girl's Night OUT!

It's pretty sad when you look forward to getting your hair done. 2 hours of un-interrupted-reading-smut-magazines-while-someone-plays-with-your-hair-time. It's almost as fun as the 2 hour root canal I got last month.

Soooo, The beach place is DEE-VINE. I took some pics but left my camera over there so I'll try to get them up this weekend. We didn't want to come home after this weekend but some people had to work and go to haters;) So now the in-laws are over there enjoying it and we're home taking care of the dogs. The dogs who run our lives more than the kids do.

Three more days of school for Jackson (2.5, really, since Friday is half day). And RJ will be officially registered for Kindergarten after tomorrow. Yowza! Over the last few days, RJ & Jackson have started caring about what they look like. They're spending a lot of time in the bathroom, combing, brushing, deodorizing, etc. Ray gave them permission to use his deodorant (ew) so now they're constantly rolling the Speed Stick up in their pits. If this can last another few years, we'll be ahead of the game for when their pits really do start smelling.

Off to my hair appointment and tonight is GIRL'S NIGHT OUT! WOOT-WOOT!

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