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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Did you ever hit "next blog" on the homepage of a blog??? I was blog-stalking earlier (I'll update my new blog list soon, along with new pictures and such) and I clicked on it...there are some FrrrrREAKS in the blog world, I'll tell ya.

Spent the day at the Glazer Children's Museum with Jackson's class. Wow. Let's just say if I ever decide to teach again, I'm sticking with preschool. First graders are annoying in masses. Especially when they aren't mine.

Exactly two weeks from tomorrow we get the keys to our summer paradise. Counting. Down. The days.

RJ found a jumprope in the garage. I jumped 103 before getting my foot caught. I'm now a superhero to RJ, who only got to 3. Just for kicks I did a split and a cartwheel. Again, he was taken back by my super powers. Dude, I still got it...even if my armpits are always soaking wet.

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