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Monday, May 9, 2011

Never grow up...

Mother's Day was so nice. The kids and Ray made sure I had a great day, complete with flowers, cards and a nice dinner. Unfortunately I got a little sick bug last night and went to bed early except for a few trips to hug the toilet. Seems to be gone now, but it's the "day after ickiness" that's still hanging around. I heard a song today that pretty much sums up how I've been feeling about my kiddos. "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift. It has been downloaded, shared with my closest mommy friends, and now we've been crying all day.

Tomorrow my poor Jackson will be going back to the dentist to get two more teeth pulled. He's so brave, and says he can't wait until it's over. And just to clear up any speculation of how I must not be one of those parents that emphasizes dental hygiene, he brushes his teeth twice daily and uses fluoride rinse at night. He just inherited the bad teeth gene, which Ray and I both have. They look good on the outside, but deep beneath, the dark cavity monsters lurk. The good news is that his permanent teeth look great and have been treated with a sealant to prevent future cavities, so hopefully this is the end of his dental drama.

And while Jackson deals with the drill tomorrow, RJ gets to go on an amazing outing with some of his best friends, and one of mine:) Thank God for friends.

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