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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Supah-dupah Saturday

RJ has been running from room to room (tv to tv) all day long announcing scores of all the games he cares about. Flyers lost. But it's ok because it's best of seven series. Rays won. Phillies won last night and today. Lightning won last night. 4-2. I'm not kidding you when I say this kid knows more about sports and the scores of every game going on than the professionals who get paid to know it on ESPN. RJ would run circles around those clowns. I'm sick of sports. And I'm pretty sure I heard Ray mumble under his breath something about the NASCAR race starting soon. I'm going to get drunk on Lifetime tonite, with a good book chaser.

We made a fort in the boys' bedroom today and played Spongebob Operation, a birthday gift Jackson received. It's the same old Operation game (that buzzes at you if you touch the sides) except instead of the dopey old guy on the board it's obnoxious Spongebob. Did I ever mention I hate Spongebob? If I could bring the Wiggles back into my children's life and do away with Squarepants, I'D DO IT IN A MILI-SECOND!

Disney yesterday, just the boys and me. We picked a good day, low crowds and breezy weather. We tried two things we'd never done before: Stitch's Great Escape (DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME), and Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House (which I did when I was little but never with the boys.) It was kind of neat. We went to Chili's for dinner where RJ demanded to sit in the "lounge" so he could scan the four flatscreens while eating his queso.

This morning we went for a bike ride with Molly. Molly gets a bike ride twice a day. While I ride my bike, she runs alongside of me until she can't run anymore and then comes through the door and collapses for hours. But on the weekends we all do it. It's a little more of a production than when it's just Molly and me, but it's worth it to go on rides with the boys. They are so much fun.

We had a good time cleaning the love bug guts off the car afterward, and then it was pool all day. Outback Takeout for dinner, since RJ won't go in Outback because of the "roach incident". He says he understands it's the same food, but just looking at the inside of the restaurant brings back too many bad memories. LOL. He says he won't go inside ever again, and if we need to go that bad he'll stay home with another family. We told him we wouldn't go, that that wouldn't be necessary.

School starts again on Monday. I don't want him to go back. I've had the best week with my guys. Tomorrow is May 1st. One more month to go, then we're outtie for two months of beachfront bliss! Yeee-OW!!!!

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