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Monday, April 4, 2011


So we had a very productive weekend. We crammed a lot in, including two soccer games in the raging heat, and if we had one more day, we could've finished what we wanted to. The pool is still cold and because we're too cheap to turn on the heater, the kids are hoping all the sunshine in the upcoming week will warm it up a little. They've been in a few times but come out with purple lips and shivering. One more weekend of soccer, then soccer is over for 3 weeks. The season finishes in May, and by then I'll be over it. Actually, I'm over it now. Spring Break is about three weeks away still. No plans yet. Maybe a trip to my parents'. Maybe hit Disney & Busch Gardens. Maybe hang by the pool. Maybe not get out of pajamas. But for certain, no car line, no homework, no AR tests, no cries to stay under the covers in the morning, no fighting to get teeth brushed and clothes on, and no driving to school in my pajamas with hot coffee in one hand, Jackson's AR book (because I question him on the way to school every day)in the other, and driving with my knees. And I think I'm most excited that there is only about two months left of school! We have a very exciting summer brewing...I almost can't stand it!

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