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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The days are numbered!

This morning while doing AR in Jackson's classroom I overheard Ms. J talking about how the year has flown by and one of the kids suggested counting how many days are left. 32!! Only 32 days of school are left! I don't know who was smiling more-the kids or me-or Ms. J!!! I've been asked to chaperone the class field trip to the Glazer Children's Museum. I told Ms. J yes before she even finished the sentence. I'm so excited!! Being able to spend so much time in class with Jackson this year has been so awesome. I have not looked back on quitting Montessori teaching once. Best decision I ever made.

Today at the library I overheard a new mom-to-be talking to another mom about her upcoming arrival. It's so funny to be a parent and hear non-parents talk about what they will/won't do. I really have to stop myself from saying, "ok, let me know how the two+ years of breastfeeding and the 'no tv' rule work out for ya!" Silly, silly lady.

Jackson's birthday, as usual, has lasted days and days. Yesterday we ditched school to go to the Magic Kingdom, but met my parents for breakfast before we headed into the park. We picked a good day. Park was empty. Weather was great. We got on all the rides, some twice. At 4pm they both looked at me and said, "ok, let's go home." I was seriously bummed. I was ready to stay til at least the Electrical Parade. We're going back during Spring Break so I can see my parade. And fireworks!

Tomorrow night is his actual birthday party with his friends at Chuck E Cheese. When will the Chuck E Cheese days be over?? So there is still a pretty good birthday buzz in the air. It will all be over on Saturday when we have another birthday party to attend (and it's not Jackson's)!

BTW, the boys have watched Tangled three times in the last two days. RJ has already asked to be Flynn Rider for Halloween.

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