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Friday, February 25, 2011


We got an email from RJ's soccer coach for the upcoming season. He suggested having two practices per week as opposed to the standard one. NO. Just no. He's already gotten bad feedback so I think we (the parents) will win this one. Seriously? They're 5 & 6 year olds. Get a life, dude.
RJ told me today he wants to try ice hockey. He has a friend that plays, and he thinks he may like it. I know he'll like it, then we'll be going to the ice rink as well as the soccer fields. And the piano lessons, and whatever else they conjure up.
The first words out of RJ's mouth every day is "who won?" He's referring to whatever game was on the night before. He'll have started to watch, and then be forced to go to bed. And when I say force, I kinda mean force. Once he came into our bedroom around 3am to ask me if I knew if the Flyers had won. Beat it, kid. Also, why does he have to come in at all hours of the night to wake me up and tell me he has to pee. Just go. Jeez. There's no going back to sleep once I'm up. And if I pop some Advil PM at that time (which, despite it's "non-habit forming" indication on the bottle, I have every reason to believe I could form a nice habit with it) I'll be drunk until 10am...not good for riding bikes to school in the morning with 4 neighborhood kids trailing me...
Jackson received the "Terrific Kid Award" for the month. You know those bumper stickers you see on people's cars that say "My Kid Is a Terrific Kid at Such n Such School"? Well, he's one of those! I'm so proud of him!!!! But I'm not buying the bumper sticker.
I have a really close friend (who, at the time, shall remain nameless) whose husband is entertaining the thought of taking a job in Milwaukee. If this happens, I will be devastated. But I know it's for the good and happiness of the family and that's what is getting me through it. However, no decision has been made yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Can you imagine moving to Milwaukee from HERE??? Especially after these last few days...

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