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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back in the swing!

Jackson stayed home yesterday nursing his bronchitis. He finished all his homework for the week and read two AR books. He's recently started reading a series of books called Ready Freddy and he's really ripping through them. He's still reading Junie B too, and they've just started reading the Junie B Jones series in his class. Right now they're on the first one which is called "Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus." How am I supposed to stop them from using the word 'stupid' if it's even being encouraged at school? Anyway, he's back to school today and then tomorrow is early release again. Thursday is his "Fairy Tale Bowl" and then Friday they're off school for the Strawberry Festival, which we're not going to. After last year's fiasco, I will never go there again. But we are going somewhere...
I've gotten a little carried away lately filling my iPod with new songs. I'm just waiting for Ray to shut me down, I know it's coming. But I've had the same stuff forever and I need some new tunes, especially if I'm going to be doing these runs that Shannon keeps talking me into.
Lasagna tonite! Brownies and birthday cake for dessert. Who's birthday is it???

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