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Monday, January 24, 2011


Today started off really well because I didn't have to pull Jackson out of bed kicking and screaming for school. He was already up by the time I crawled out of bed and was settled on the couch with Nickolodeon and hot chocolate. And since RJ is now in semi-retirement, he was sleeping instead of crying about going to Montessori, which was a nice change for a Monday morning.
The kids have been spending a lot of time outside these last few weeks. Most weekend days are spent outside playing with friends as are most weekday afternoons (after homework, of course). There are some really nice kids in our new neck of the woods and they've really been wearing themselves out, which makes sleeping at night a whole lot better. And by the time it's too hot to play outside a lot, it will be time to throw them in the pool!
Ray has made it clear that he no longer wants Molly sleeping with us. Being 60lbs and not shy about taking her half out of the middle, it makes it hard for us to have a good night sleep. So we bought her a bed and laid down the law. It worked for a few hours, but sometime in the middle of the night she snuck in and settled down at the end of the bed, and I didn't notice she was there until I tried to move my foot and she growled at me for disturbing her slumber. She's skating on thin ice because I'm tempted to lock her out tonite. Witch.

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