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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

I think the kids are catching on...up early on weekdays and not on weekends. Today we all stayed in bed until after 8am. Glorious.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day, I think we hit mid 70's! (Don't be jealous, Jersey). We spent a good part of the day outside on the soccer field and then I hit the mall for some shopping for a bridal shower I had to go to last night. I don't know why I wait for the last minute. I feel like I work better under pressure. I ended up getting a gift card because everything on the registry was bought. Remember our little Lexi? I am happy to report that her mom, Summer, is getting married next month, and that's who the shower was for. They had these little cards to fill out advice for the bride. I couldn't write all the advice I had on that index card, all the trials and bumps in the road they're about to encounter. Plus, you're supposed to keep it "light". Here are a few things I came up with:
~always have your partner's back, even when they don't deserve it
~don't go to bed mad
~make it a point to spend time alone
~pick your battles
Then I wrote to remember that marriage is not about one big thing, it's about a million little things. Summer has waited a really long time to find the right guy. I am so happy for her, and Lexi.
Today is wide open, we are going to bring the kids to Toys R Us to spend some gift cards they have. I think we're free from football today. I'm sure RJ will find some though, even if it's an old game, which he seems to really enjoy. The other day he was watching one from 1978.

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