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Saturday, December 18, 2010

We're almost there!

A rainy day means I can finally sit on the computer to do an update! Yay:)
The boys had their last day of school yesterday. RJ had his program at preschool. He was a bellringer. He and his two buds, Isabella and Christopher, got to sit next to each other for the program and ring bells during Jingle Bells. It was bittersweet, because this is their last year of preschool. And for my friend, Karen (Christopher's mom) and me, it's our last baby so no more Montessori Christmas programs:(
Jackson spent his last day at school making crafts, playing Christmas Bingo and other fun stuff. The crafts he made this year were really nice. I mean, not your normal public school popsicle stick crafts. Of course, his teacher is absolutely amazing so I'm not surprised. Gotta love those 24 year old 1st grade teachers, full of life and love for the kids:)
We picked them both up from school early and headed to Magic Kingdom for a final look at the lights. It was a great day with beautiful weather. I could sit there and stare at that castle all night long, it never gets old to me.
This week is going to be busy. No wrapping is done and the kids are not in school so I don't know when it will get done. I'm also going to need to pack for our vacation to the Smoky Mountains in Georgia. We're taking the kids to play in the snow!! They're super excited about it. I hope it's cold cold cold and that we get some real snow, but if not there is a resort nearby that provides the fake stuff. Snowtubing and iceskating are on the agenda! (As well as relaxing and enjoying some nice wine by the fire;)

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