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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're alive:)

The move is almost officially over and we made it through. I thought it would never end. I think it's worse to move 16 houses down the street than it would be moving to Idaho.
We are getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving trip to Daytona! A little Disney, a little turkey at Non & Dude's house, and a lot of fun! The boys have had no school this week so they've been outside playing A LOT. I'm talking almost all day, every day, covered in dirt when they walk in the door and passing out easily at night. It's awesome. There are more kids down this end of the street and less moronic-speeding teenagers, which is great. My kids are never allowed to drive. I will try to be more proactive about getting on the blog now that we've settled down a little. Have a great Turkey Week and don't eat too much. Go for a jog!

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