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Friday, October 22, 2010

Keep movin'

Lately I've felt like I have so much to do, yet I can't decide which thing to do first, therefore I do nothing. Or, I start something and something else grabs my attention and so I don't complete either task and I'm right back at square one. I think I could have a touch of ADD.
Shannon and I are having a garage sale tomorrow. While packing up the house, I came across a few items that I didn't want, yet I didn't want to give them away, so I will try and pawn them off on others for a small fee. I love the haggling. I can't wait!
We sent our Wii off to Nintendo (along with the six games it ruined) to be fixed. I was so happy with the customer service, they even sent a pre-paid shipping label for me. Let's see how nice they are about replacing the games and getting it back to us. I estimate that I sent away about $500 in that box (including the Wii itself), if not more. They made promises. I hope they're kept.
The boys are doing great. Sore throats, moaning about going to school at times, but happy about Halloween and moving! I will tell you that I'm learning everything all over again as I help Jackson study his weekly homework packets. First grade is no joke. His bonus spelling words are pretty difficult and the science tests are intimidating (for me, not him). Thank God he didn't get my weak science and math genes.
Have a great weekend!

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