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Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Fall!

I love that I don't break a sweat anymore when I take Molly out at 6am. This is the weather I love, the weather everyone has been waiting for. It makes me want to carve pumpkins and make chili. And pack boxes. And throw things away. And run to Goodwill 6 times a week. And pack more boxes. You get the picture. Moving day is about 3 weeks away.
Last weekend Ray had a very big job going on so the kids and I went to my parent's house. On the way we stopped at Sanford Zoo and met my parents. It has a lot of potential, but it's not quite Lowry Park & Zoo yet. The grounds are beautiful and shaded, but it was lacking in, well, ANIMALS! There was a really cool reptile building and an elephant. I think we saw an alligator (which probably didn't even belong to the zoo, because you know in Florida alligators just walk around like they own the place), and a few lemurs. I think the kids liked the Kona ice truck the best. They also had a cute train that ran around the place. We went on to my parents after that where the real fun began. At about 8pm Saturday night RJ started throwing up every hour for about 9 hours. It got to the point where he was just throwing up in his sleep he was so tired. I had to lay next to him and just turn his head onto a towel when he started so he didn't choke on it. LOVELY. By morning he was ok, a bit worn out but wanted food and was in an ok mood considering. We had a great day Sunday while we all waited for Jackson to start. My plans were to drive home late Sunday but the thought of putting the kids in the car and driving two hours home scared me with all the puking looming over us. So we waited it out. In the middle of the night Sunday, Jackson dry heaved once or twice and that was it. He also had a pretty good cold going on so he could've just coughed too hard and gagged. Whatever the case is, they both got to skip school on Monday and we went to Disney on the way home from Mom and Dad's. We had the best day! The weather was great, the crowds were light, and the boys both rode Space Mountain for the first time! Jackson called it the "3 Mountain Day", because we did Space, Splash & Big Thunder in one day, which we've never done before. The only thing missing was Ray:(

So here we are on another Friday. Tomorrow is soccer sign-ups! The boys are very excited to get another season underway, I think I am too. Happy Weekend!
And one more thing! Good luck to my wonderful friends Shannon & Robin who are running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! I'll be thinking of you both:)

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