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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What day is it?

We are having so much fun at the beach, I truly can't keep the days straight. There is nothing like waking up and seeing the Gulf of Mexico as your first sight of the morning. I am managing to keep the kids limited on their electronics but they are sneaking in some Wii whenever I'm not looking, especially since Daddy is a pushover and bought them a new, very expensive game for no reason;) I told them their chore list to earn the game is very plentiful and extensive. They straightened up the shoes in the hallway and asked me if that was enough. I made it clear it wasn't.
Poor Ray actually had to go home to work (bummer!) but we are staying, relaxing, swimming, and working on our tans. Last night we went night-crabbing with some neighbors. I thought the kids were going to die of excitement. All they did was shine some flashlights on the beach to find crabs and then put them in a bucket. Their beady little eyes freaked me out. They let them go in the end. For two little was better than Disney! They are already making plans for tonight's crab run.
My nieces and nephew are flying in today from Philadelphia, so we are expecting more company at the beach and can't wait to see them!
Gotta run-the boys want to play beach soccer and since I'm not going to spin much lately I have to take advantage of the workout!

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Shannon said...

Have fun with your family at the beach! I'm sure you're all loving it.