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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm bringin' Blogging back

It's the middle of summer! Only about 5 weeks until school starts. We are at the tail end of the weekend and very tired. The boys have been staying up way too late and it's starting to affect all of us. I don't mind a half hour here and there but it's a getting a bit out of hand. Last night they didn't fall asleep until 10:30. I can't hang with that. So new rules are in order-starting tonite.
Tomorrow also starts another week of Vacation Bible School at our church. The boys loved the one in June so much that it was decided a second helping was in order. This one is extra special because my mother in law is volunteering and is their group leader, so the boys are extra excited! The theme is "Joseph in Egypt". And no, I cannot tell you in which part of the Bible Joseph visited Egypt, but I'm sure the boys will fill me in at the end of the week;)
I really debated whether or not it was time to end the blog. It seems like Facebook is taking over everything and I feel like no one really reads my blog, but I guess even if I have it for the kids to read one day, it will make up for all the scrapbooks and photo albums I'm behind on.
Steaks for dinner tonite, one more week until a very long beach getaway, and Molly hasn't destroyed anything of worth in some time. Life is good...


Neesmom said...

DON'T YOU DARE END THE BLOG!!! People DO read it, and have been very disappointed that you have not been writing as much as you used to.

Scanlons Happenins said...

I read it and I count!

Vince said...

We do too!-Diane