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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to the Rox

We headed home from the beach yesterday for a few doctor appointments and to visit the dog:) She was happy to see us, but is on her worst behavior. In 24 hours, she managed to eat a (very expensive and favorite of the boys) DS game, a Pez dispenser, numerous amounts of Nerf darts and the bottom of the air hockey table. Do you see one common denominator here? Beotch. And I understand why she's doing it. She's mad because we're away, blah blah blah...but it's not like she isn't being well taken care of . Spoiled even...
Anyway, Ray was sick and it turns out he had an abcess tooth. Bummer for him, but we were glad it wasn't a virus that we could all contract. He is on an antibiotic and when the infection is gone, he'll have to have it out.

We're headed back to the beach today with Megan, Ally & Matt (yay!) Gotta run now so I can make a CD for the boys for the car ride. They want some Phinaes and Ferb music..."Ohhh Perry, you're extraordiarrryyy"...

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