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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summa Summa Summa`time

...time to kick back and unwind! (Will Smith circa late 90s if you didn't know)
So far, so good! Not sure if I mentioned this on the blog or not but RJ learned how to ride a bike without training wheels about 2 months ago. He was very iffy at first, didn't really get how to use the breaks and was just basically a danger to himself and all those around him. Well, this weekend he had some sort of coordination explosion and it all came together. However, the bike he's riding is suddenly ten sizes too small for him because he's becoming a giant overnight, so in all reality that could've been part of his clutziness. So today we were at our local consignment store and on the way out he spotted a "trick bike". Trick bikes are apparently very expensive and are mainly meant for kids who are training to compete. This trick bike had a $25 sticker on it. (My poor consignment owner-lady, forever not pricing things in her favor). Anyway, RJ hopped on and started riding it all over the ACE Hardware parking lot, and needless to say, it came home with us. I will try and get some video of him tomorrow. He's unstoppable.
We've been reading a lot of the Magic Tree House book series, and he's been letting his imagination get the best of him lately. He told me he had a dream that he met Lexi (our dear little Lexi who has moved away and abandoned us) down by the river (?) and that she shoved him in and he was eaten by crocodiles, but not to worry because he made it home in time for dinner.
Also, he's been calling anyone who crosses him "Vicious Wendall". I don't know where this comes from, but when I raised my eyebrows at him in the car earlier today because he was taking too long getting his seatbelt on, he said "ok, ok, calm down Vicious Wendall."
We are trying not to have too much fun without Jackson, but tomorrow we're headed to the aquarium with one of RJ's friends from school. No one (the boys) knows it yet because I didn't want to hear the taunting/crying/whining. So I'll spring it on RJ tomorrow ten minutes before we leave and hopefully bribe him with something not to tell Jackson when we pick him up from school!

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Shannon said...

LOL. Poor consignment lady.