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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes rainy days don't get me down...

...but Mondays always do...
Today has proven to be a productive day. Ray and I got a lot done around the house and the garage is starting to not look like a solid waste site. The boys are next door playing (for once the party is not at our house) and Molly is having a lazy day so it's been nice! The rain today was our excuse to stay home and clean, do laundry, and de-funk the house from the Spring Break massacre. The boys had a Pump it Up party (my friend, Shannon's little boy turned 3-where does the time go??) yesterday and then we had dinner company and they stayed up playing Wii until almost 9:30!!! The reward??? They slept until 8am this morning!!! UN-HEARD OF!
Tomorrow-back to reality:(

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