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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally a break

Since all I have time to do anymore is send random pictures to the blog from my phone, I thought I'd take a minute and do an update since people are starting to question whether or not I gave up on this little project. Life as you know it is crazy and these last few months have proven to be more here goes!
We are all doing great and enjoying Spring Break so far. I actually can't believe it's Thursday already and next week we'll be thrown into the real world again, but I'm not complaining (ok, maybe I am a little:) We (the boys and I) are currently at my parent's house in Daytona Beach. We are having fun and the kids are being spoiled and I am trying to relax while Ray is home working his tail off. This Spring has proven to be just as busy, if not busier, for the business and for that we are grateful.
Jackson just celebrated his 6th birthday! He is so proud to be 6. He tells everyone who will listen and says, "do I look taller? Do I seem older to you?" So funny. He had a birthday party with a little girl in his class who also lives in our neighorhood and turned 6 a few days before he did. It was a great party and I'm glad we did it. Every year I say we're not doing a big thing and every year I do it anyway. But these little kiddie parties are short-lived and pretty soon he'll want to hole up with his friends in his bedroom and not have anything to do with pinatas and pin the tail on the donkey, so maybe I'm just taking advantage of these little opportunities to savor his childhood. He lost another tooth recently, bringing the grand total to three lost teeth. He is still loving Kindergarten and is pretty close with his class. They seem to be a tight-knit group of kids. If you ask him what grade he's in, he'll say, "In June I'll be a first-grader." He's playing soccer and amazing us every day with his love for learning. He's re-teaching us all the things we learned as kids and comes home every day with a different "did you know??"
RJ is growing too fast. He is getting taller and is a natural at soccer. It's amazing to watch him maneuver himself and the ball down the field, weaving in and out of the pack, and it's fun telling everyone he's never played before this year. Sometimes you either have it or you don't, and let me tell you, he definitely has "it". He is reading beyond his level and has recently started doing multiplication in school. Does a four year old need to be doing that in preschool? No, but no one is twisting his arm and he's enjoying it, so who am I to hold him back? He continues to crack us up daily and loves performing. He loves to sing along with his favorite artists (Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Celtic Thunder and Nickelback are among his favorites) and remembers lyrics after hearing a song once. Sometimes from the rearview mirror I see him getting into the music and I just laugh to myself. Oh yeah! And he is riding his bike without training wheels too. How could I forget that?
We recently broke down and bought the boys a Wii, and they are having a blast with it. Not sure why we didn't do that sooner. We are all looking forward to summer (only 6 more weeks of school left but who's counting?) RJ misses the deadline for Kindergarten by 7 days, so he will continue his preschool education for one more year, but I think that's a good thing. The boys may try out a summer camp or two this year, and we are planning on spending a few weeks at the beach. I guess that's all for now, plus I feel like this update came across a little "Christmas-letterish" so I'm going to stop. Have a happy Thursday!

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