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Monday, January 11, 2010

Missin' my flips!

OK, I'm officially over the weather. Yes, I love a coldfront just like the next Jersey-girl-turned-Floridian, but this is just crazy. 20 degrees this morning...I miss my flip-flops! If anything, the cold weather is making me want to shop because I don't have "cold-weather clothes". I'm dressing the kids in layers because no stores have any coats left. Forget about finding mittens, gloves or scarves...needless to say we've been watching plenty of tv, playing games and EATING.
The first week back to school was horrific. Not for any specific reason, just because vacation is over and we all had to jump back into reality. Like I said-HORRIFIC.
Molly continues to grow and do well. I am picking up piles of dog crap by the pound every day for the trashmen. I think they are going to need to be tipped soon. She is a lot of work, but well worth the effort. Aside from the occasional threat of "you're going to the pound!" every now and then, she is fitting into the family nicely. I will say she likes to chew...mostly things she shouldn't. I wonder if it would've been easier to go ahead and have the third baby...
Ray and I both visited the dermatologist. Neither one of us has skin cancer and our moles look good, just in case you were wondering. We all go to the dentist soon...I'm sure that will be a whole other story.
My dad is doing great. He is in a rehabilitation center and is scheduled to get out tomorrow or Wednesday. He's over it, just like we all are. We want him home and for this nightmare to be completely over, but he is alive and well now and for that we are all thankful. He has requested spaghetti and meatballs for his first night back home. You got it Dad!

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