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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We survived camping!

And not only did we survive, we had A BLAST! We're already planning our next trip, and as far as the boys are concerned it couldn't come soon enough. We left Friday shortly after Jackson was done school. We couldn't have fit another thing in the poor Yukon, and we didn't even need to bring the major camping equipment (ie: tents, grills, etc.) because John and Marg brought it all. We'll have to pack a little lighter next time;-)
We had campfires, we ate s'mores, we hiked, we relaxed, we got dirty (do you believe there are no campgrounds without dirt?), we ate, we froze, and had the time of our lives. It rained for about 15 minutes on Saturday, but other than that our experience was flawless (thank you John for doing all the cooking!)
Myakka River State Park is beautiful. There are lots of trails to hike, a canopy and suspension bridge to explore, and plenty of wildlife to see (yes, we saw the gators-big ones and lots of 'em). The campground was nearly full, so I guess we picked a good time of year to go. Sunday morning was freezing, but we survived. We tried to put a ban on all electronics but the Leapsters did make an appearance or two! One thing I did learn is that I wouldn't win the million bucks on Survivor but Ray certainly could. He was a trooper and seemed to love the whole experience-dirt and all!

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