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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holy Busy Weekend Batman!

We are all recovering today from what feels like the busiest couple of days in a long time. Thanksgiving at my parents house was so fun! The food was excellent (even better that I didn't have to cook), and it was so good to see family I haven't seen in awhile. The kids had a great time on my dad's golf cart and being fed endless amounts of sugar by my mom. Ray and I even managed to relax a bit, which is odd. On the way home, we stopped in Downtown Disney to see Santa and do a little holiday window shopping and see the decorations. Disney never seems to disappoint, and we all had a blast. The weather was gorgeous and the crowds small, always nicer that way. The Disney Santa was probably the best Santa I've ever seen (are you surprised?) Jackson mentioned to him about his tooth, and RJ asked about a yo-yo. I think RJ's request will be easier to fulfill. For those of you who don't know, Jackson lost one of his front teeth at about 13months old. Lately he's been missing it, not sure why. Maybe because kids at school are in awe of the fact that maybe he's started losing teeth already and why aren't they? So now he wants to know when a new one will come in. He wasn't thrilled when we told him probably not for another two or three years, which is why he asked Santa.
Making rolls!

Shoveling in the sugar!
Last night we went up to a new mall in Wesley Chapel to watch a Christmas Lights show with Mamas, Pop, Aunt Marg, Uncle John and Jim. It was a beautiful outdoor mall and we all had a good time. Another late night for the kids, but they were both champs yesterday taking a two hour nap at Mamas' house. We all got up for church this morning and now the rain has started. Hopefully we'll finish decorating the house today and try to take it easy...

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