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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Congrats to the Philadelphians!

They did it! They won the World Series! I can actually see my nephew jumping up and down with that big grin on his adorable little face up in Philly. My sister is probably doing a jig up there. My Philadelphia born and raised hubby is very proud. Go Phils!


Vince said...

Well, it didn't end so well for us. Lily cried when I told her the Rays lost this morning! Next year.

Danielle said...

Oh no! She actually cried? She really brings on the theatrics, doesn't she? Next year!

Neesmom said...

GO PHILS! Daddy has been wearing his Phillies t-shirt (short-sleeved, brrrr!) all day, rubbing it in everyone's face!!! He is so predictable!